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Case Study: Sexual Harassment Within the Work Place

By Matt Vild in Posted June 13th, 2016

Case Study: Sexual Harassment Within the Work Place

Any moment, the environment you work in can turn from welcoming to hostile. A wink, a smile, an innuendo, and sometimes even just a casual glance, can compromise your sense of comfort and relationship with the very employer you rely on to earn your living.

Harassment within the work place often leaves victims feeling helpless, with the belief that there is no recourse. Many are unaware that in such scenarios the law is on the victim’s side regardless of the individual aggressor’s place within the company’s pecking order. The ongoing J. Walter Thompson (JWT) case sheds light on such a scenario.

A respected, global advertising agency with clients like Johnson & Johnson, Revlon, Macy’s and Rolex, JWT is at the center of a lawsuit filed by chief communications executive named Erin Johnson against company CEO Gustavo Martinez, due to allegations of sexual harassment at work.

Johnson alleges that Martinez “regularly demeans female executives” who are subjected to “an unending stream of racist and sexist comments as well as unwanted touching.” The lawsuit further alleges that Martinez regularly expressed a desire to rape female employees, and that he also used racist language directed against Jews and African Americans.

Martinez has since resigned from his position at JWT, while Johnson is on paid leave.

Sexual harassment in the work place can leave you feeling intimidated, ridiculed and helpless.

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Johnson’s allegations speak volumes about just how horrifying a work environment can turn when harassment at work goes continuously unreported.

We are left to wonder whether JWT was already aware of such unwanted harassment, and if they had done all in their power to ensure a safe working environment for Johnson and her fellow colleagues. Yet, most alarming is the amount of times these situations allegedly occurred.

Johnson’s allegations against Martinez are so plentiful; that it is hard to quantify just how many employees incurred such treatment.

Sexual harassment in the work place can leave you feeling intimidated, ridiculed and helpless. Whether you are a lone victim or seeking a class action lawsuit against your employer, it is important to take action and to take action fast. Without sexual harassment lawyers in your corner, returning to work in a sexually hostile environment can leave you susceptible to continuous suffering.

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June 13, 2016