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What to Expect When Meeting with a Lawyer

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Commonly Asked Questions and Answers:

We understand that this may be the first time that you are involved in a lawsuit and you likely feel nervous or anxious about initiating a case. Feldman Browne Olivares aims to simplify this process and make our initial meeting as comfortable as possible. Here is what to expect when you meet with us for the first time.

Our office is located in Brentwood, at 12400 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1100, Los Angeles, California, 90025.

If you are coming to our office, paid parking is available in the building garage, accessible on McClellan Dr. Street meter parking is also available on Wilshire Blvd., Centinela Blvd., and McClellan Dr.

When Will I Meet with an Attorney for Consultation?

Leefeldmanlaw-LA-Office2When you first contact us, an attorney or paralegal will contact you by phone or email to gather additional information regarding your potential claims.

You can initiate this process now simply by clicking here.

After the initial communication, if your claims are of the type that we would typically handle, an attorney will generally schedule a time for an in-person meeting, which will usually be in our conference room or in the office of the partner or associate with whom you are meeting. We want you to be comfortable during the consultation, so you are welcome to dress casually and comfortably. The duration of the initial consultation will vary, however, we can provide you a more specific estimate of how long our meeting may take when we schedule the appointment with you.

What should I bring when I am meeting with an Attorney for the first time?

When we schedule a consultation, we will specifically request any documents or items we think will help our evaluation. Generally, you should be ready to provide all documents that may be relevant to your case, including:

-All documents relating to your employment;
-Your personnel file, if you have it;
-All documents relating to your work performance, including any appraisals or evaluations;
-Any disciplinary documentation;
-Documents showing your efforts to find work if you have been terminated;
-All relevant emails or communications (such as phone calls or text messages);
-Any medical or psychological records relating to your medical condition (if your case arises from discrimination based on your medical condition/disability or your need for time off as a result of your medical condition/disability);
-Any medical or psychological records relating to any emotional harm suffered as a result of the employer’s conduct.

Does it cost me anything to meet with a Lawyer? Are there any hidden or follow-up fees should I have additional questions?


What does it cost me moving forward to work with the law firm of Feldman Browne Olivares?

firm-bn2If we agree to represent you, we will discuss the terms of our Retainer Agreement, including our contingency fee arrangement. In a contingent fee arrangement, we agree to accept a fixed percentage of any recovery we obtain on your behalf by way of settlement, verdict or arbitration award.

You will not be required to pay any fees or costs “up front.” The contingent fee will depend on the time of the recovery and other factors related to the risks we anticipate in your particular case. All fees and costs will be deducted from any recovery we obtain for you.

Please keep in mind that if your case proceeds to trial, and you are the prevailing party in a FEHA-based claim or other claim with a prevailing party attorney’s fees provision, the employer will be ordered to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and litigation costs in addition to the amount of the verdict.

What are the Next steps After the Initial Consultation?

If we agree to represent you, you and the firm will sign a Retainer Agreement and we will get started! How we proceed depends entirely on the specific facts and circumstances of your case. We will discuss the intended course of action with you, taking into account your particular situation and what is best for you. In some cases, early resolution is preferred, however, depending on the facts of your case, the value of your case may be maximized if the case progresses through the litigation process.

Who would be my point of contact moving forward?

A partner and an associate will generally be assigned to handle your case. You will always have direct access to the attorneys handling your case, and you are encouraged to contact us at any time. We work along with you and we try very hard to develop a close working relationship so that you feel comfortable with us throughout the pendency of your case.

In addition, you can also speak with our paralegals and legal assistants at any time about your case. You will get to know Anastasia, Tim and Katrina, you will always have direct contact with them about your case.

How can I best support the legal team with my ongoing case?

We will keep you informed and updated regarding the progress of your case and we will notify you whenever we need you to provide information. We also encourage you to inform us of any significant developments in your life and talk to us before making important decisions that may affect your case, like your work search, resigning from a new job, turning down a job offer, filing for bankruptcy, moving out of state, or applying for disability benefits.

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