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Labor Attorney Bails Out Talent Agency Interns

By admin in Posted January 14th, 2015

For those who have monitored the fast evolving landscape of the entertainment industry this past year, it has been quite the eventful time to be a labor law attorney. Lately, the slippery slope of unpaid internships has received heightened legal scrutiny after bouts of litigious action has increasingly forced the hand of exploitative

corporate employers. The most recent breakthrough for California comes from International Creative Management Partners LLC, better known in Hollywood circles as ICM.

ICM Defeated by Labor Attorney and Plaintiffs

To summarize this case briefly, two unpaid intern employees of ICM filed a class action lawsuit in New York, alleging that they were unjustly taken advantage of by doing work similar to those receiving entry-level pay. The case, known as Behzadi v. International Creative Management Partners LLC, sparks our interest, namely because one of the plaintiffs is a California resident and the talent agency office in question is located in Los Angeles. Just earlier this week, ICM settled with the plaintiffs for an undisclosed amount, delivering another blow to the concept of unpaid hires. This kind of settlement should alarm LA employers, and Tinseltown companies in particular, who think they are above the law when it comes to unpaid hires.

Labor Law Attorneys Keep Corporate Exploitation in Check

There is often a grey area in the role of a Hollywood intern versus a Hollywood assistant, and the smarter talent agencies would be wise to tow the line by maintaining a strict separation of duties. In the meantime, the reality that these unlawful practices are still prevalent makes the need for a qualified labor attorney all the more urgent. In the coming months, our labor law attorneys expect to see a rise in legal concerns in this industry. News of this settlement should have reverberations across Hollywood, and possibly in other industries.
The labor attorneys at Feldman Browne Olivares are on the front-line when it comes to employee rights, especially the rights of unpaid interns. Lee Feldman and his associates are on the client’s side and will stop at nothing to arrive at justice. If you happen to be an unpaid intern who feels that your relationship with your employer is abusive, you may just have a case. Contact our Los Angeles labor attorneys today.

January 14, 2015