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Under California law, an employer may not fire an employee in retaliation for that employee engaging in whistleblowing, which generally consists of complaining about or reporting certain specified conduct that he/she reasonably perceives to be unlawful, fraudulent or unethical conduct. Los Angeles based whistleblower Lawyers at the Feldman Browne Olivares Law Firm have represented numerous employees in wrongful termination claims and lawsuits arising from such whistleblowing activities.

While complaints about discrimination or harassment based on race, gender, age, or disability, for example, are protected from retaliation by statute, many other complaints about illegal or unethical conduct may also be protected under various California whistleblower statutes or the common law doctrine of wrongful termination in violation of public policy. When an employee refuses to engage in unlawful or unethical conduct, that may also constitute whistleblowing which is protected from retaliation.

Los Angeles Whistleblower Attorney

If you believe you have been retaliated against or fired for engaging in whistleblowing or refusing to participate in unlawful or unethical conduct, the lawyers at the Feldman Browne Olivares Law Firm can assist you in determining whether your rights have been violated and you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact us now to discuss your potential case.

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