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California Civil Rights Cases

The Feldman Browne Olivares firm, formerly the Feldman Law Firm, is a Los Angeles-based firm of civil rights lawyers which represents individuals throughout the state of California in civil rights cases involving police misconduct, excessive force, false arrest, and violations of the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution. Our firm’s civil rights attorneys work mostly with California and LA civil rights cases.

The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution disallows police officers from using unreasonable or excessive force against individuals. LA police officers (or other California police officers) use many different types of force in the performance of their duties, including, handcuffs, Tasers, pepper spray, batons and firearms. However, precedents established through civil rights cases determined that Los Angeles police officers (or other California police officers) may only use the type and amount of force that is reasonable based on the circumstances known to them at the time of the incident.

In California or Los Angeles cases, the Fourth Amendment prohibits use of force that is excessive or unreasonable under the circumstances. In general, California officers can only use deadly force if they have probable cause to believe that the suspect poses an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury to the officers or others. The California civil rights attorneys at the Feldman Browne Olivares firm will defend the individual against these types of Fourth Amendment violations.

Leading Los Angeles-Based Civil Rights Attorneys

If you have been injured by a California or Los Angeles police officer’s use of excessive force, it is extremely important to find and protect all evidence as early as possible so that a civil rights attorney can best defend your rights. This includes seeking medical attention, taking photographs of the injuries suffered, and getting contact information from any witnesses to the incident. If you are charged with resisting arrest after being subjected to excessive force, it is important to speak with a legal firm and a civil rights lawyer before taking any plea agreement in Los Angeles (or in other areas of California), as certain types of convictions for California civil rights cases can prevent you from seeking compensation for your injuries.

Together, the civil rights lawyers at our LA-based firm will use evidence of excessive force to uphold the rights of the victim and win California civil rights cases. If you think your civil rights may have been compromised in Los Angeles (or other areas of Southern California or within Northern California), get in touch with us today.

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