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California Class Action Lawsuits

Feldman Browne Olivares, formerly The Feldman Law Firm, is a California and Los Angeles class action law firm based in the Los Angeles area and specializing in California class actions involving claims for denial of overtime, wage compensation, meal and rest breaks and illegal taking of employee tips by California employers (or other California employers) and/or their agents (supervisors) in addition to disability, FMLA and CFRA, and gender related California class actions. Feldman Browne Olivares, formerly The Feldman Law Firm, specializes in LA legal cases (or other California legal cases) concerning overtime, minimum wage, meal break and discrimination class action lawsuits and have obtained a number of seven figure settlements for hundreds of affected workers. Our Los Angeles-based, class action attorneys have recovered compensation for many class action clients within Los Angeles County and other parts of California.

Our attorneys’s recent California class action results include:

  • $6,800,000 Dudley v. AT&T [First CFRA/FMLA California class action brought on behalf of Los Angeles employees
    from whom private medical information was demanded and who were fired in violation of the California Family Rights Act]
  • $1,800,000 Gluck v. A Place For Mom [Small class of California nursing home placement consultants denied overtime, minimum wage]
  • $1,500,000 Catching v. NTL Trucking [small class of California intrastate truck drivers denied overtime and meal breaks]
  • $1,500,000 Ying v. Hawaiian Gardens [Small class of California casino workers from whom tips were taken and given to managers]
  • $1,000,000 Smith v. Shield Security [California security guards denied off duty meal breaks]
  • $900,000 Douglas v. Barney’s Beanery [California waitresses denied meal breaks]
  • $875,000 Wolff v. Allied Beverages [Small class of California delivery drivers denied overtime]

Los Angeles class action lawsuits (or other California class action lawsuits) are those brought by a single California employee, or group of employees, on behalf of all other similar employees who work, or have worked, for a particular California employer. California class action lawsuits are the most efficient means of recovering on behalf of a large group of employees for systematic labor code violations committed by a single employer. One advantage of Los Angeles class actions (or other California class actions) is that the claims of each worker strengthen the claims of all other California workers. This enhances the ability of a California class action lawyer to build a credible case in an employee’s defense. A jury that hears similar class action stories from numerous LA employees (or other California employees) is more likely to rule against the employer than a jury hearing from only one worker asserting his/her own claims. In California, class action lawsuits undertaken by class action attorneys have resulted in massive verdicts and settlements, generating hundreds of millions of dollars for California workers.

In California, as in federal courts, one of the criteria that courts look at when deciding whether to certify or approve a class action is whether the class is represented by qualified class action attorneys who are experienced in class litigation. Class action lawyers who have successfully handled other class actions are often better equipped to handle Los Angeles class action claims (or other California class action claims) more efficiently and obtain greater recoveries. Our LA-based attorneys have years of experience defending employees in Los Angeles class action suits (or other California class action suits) and are therefore more likely to hear your case so that you can be heard in an LA or other California court of law.

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